Inspection / Investigation

TTES performs various investigations to grasp the soundness of steel bridgse and steel bridge piers both of roads and railways.
Especially for fatigue crack, experts in fatigue problem will rapidly and properly make a judgment of the presence of a crack, and conduct inspection and evaluation.


Visual inspection, General inspection, Occasional inspection

We conduct an investigation of steel bridge and bridge piers to grasp their soundness.
Inspecting a bridge and grasping its present condition leads to secure safe traffic, therefore it helps to maintain the bridge efficiently afterwards.

If deformations or damage are found, we judge whether detailed investigation is needed and suggest a suitable method for repairing or reinforcement work according to the level of the damage.

We can always cope with a sudden request about steel bridges quickly and carefully.

Detailed investigation, Specific inspection

If an abnormality is found by visual inspection, non-destructive inspection will be performed.
If a fatigue crack is found, experts in fatigue crack judgment will serve you to investigate the causes and suggest a method for repairing or reinforcement work.

■MT (Magnetic Particle Testing
■UT (Ultrasonic Testing)
■Macro Testing
■Corrosive environment evaluation by using ACM sensor
■Other measurements