Inspection Robot

Inspect the lower surface of the bridge using the wire moving inspection robot.
We are developing a bridge inspection robot that can contribute to improvement of efficiency of inspection work, labor saving, and economic improvement.
We are proposing a wire moving robot that can prevent third party damage caused by “fall” and can handle various bridge formats.


Features of Inspection Robot

The inspection robot adopts a wire type which has high versatility and extremely low risk of falling, in order to make it possible to apply to a variety of bridges and to be able to perform secondary tasks such as hammering test It is.

  • Wire moving robot which can move three-dimensionally the lower surface of bridge
  • The inspection work can be carried out with a minimum number of people of 2
  • Stable movement and image shooting under strong wind
  • Utilizing large payload, sensor and camera can be installed since it is fixed to the bridge with 8 wires, the risk of falling is low even if the power supply is lost
  • By installing the robot arm, it can be deployed to various inspection work such as hammering sound, cleaning, simple repair


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